Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Walk on by.

June 20, 2013 Gabe surprised us by walking independently for the 1st time.  An accomplishment we were never sure when or if it would happen.  Since then he has continued to work hard and his determination is astounding.

At the zoo last week Gabe wanted to walk "holding Mommy's hand."   But once we entered the Dinosaur exhibit Gabe was ready to go on his own.  Nearly 3 months later it's still impossible for tears not to prick my eyes when I watch him walking along with such pride and confidence.

He is amazing.  We are so proud of our sweet boy.

Gabe walking at the zoo from Meredith on Vimeo.

Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not the muscles
-Alex Karras

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Stephanie said...

Oh Gabriel, you never fail me in your ability to make me so proud of you. You are a strong little hero.

Mere, and Matt, That video not only made me cry and my co-worker, I can feel inside my heart the triumph of this miracle.

Love you all
Stephanie M.