Sunday, September 15, 2013

2 Years Waiting

Friday marked two years...

...two years that we have officially been waiting on our agencies wait list.

It's been three years since we contracted with AGCI.

I'm not completely sure how I feel about it.

Last year we figured we'd be waiting another 15-18 months to get a referral. 

Today we're still looking at least another 12 months.  

Thinking about timelines is so discouraging. 

Looking back at all that's happened in the past 12 months... wow!  

Two separate times we thought we would be adding another child to our family. 

Alas, today, we are still a family of 3. 

We aren't the same people we were two years ago when we officially began our wait.

We're not even the same people who last September marked one year on the wait list. 

Our hearts have been stretched, changed and rearranged through this adoption.

And through this wait. 

We've watched children come home to excited families. 

We've seen friends stand faithfully as their wait continued.

And recently we were witness to the relentless faith and love as a family traveled halfway across the world to bury their beloved son. 

Adoption is hard.  Crazy hard.  

So is the wait.  

The wait can go two ways though.

It can make you cynical, angry, anxious or disheartened. 

Or?  You can use it...

Use it to draw closer to God, 
build your faith,
learn more about yourself,
develop a passion or
grow your relationships deeper.


Waiting is hard but it doesn't have to be bad thing. 
I want to wait well.
I want to wait faithfully.
Yet, I still can't wait until we see our newest child's face,
hold them close 
and bring them home.  

Two years waiting.
We're waiting for our sweet little one. 
But what are you waiting for?
A husband, a new job, a long needed vacation?
We are all waiting for something.
Let's wait well together, shall we?

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Jenny Marrs said...

beautiful outlook, sweet friend. timelines are beyond frustrating and discouraging...but, this post is so perfect. i too want to use this wait for good. some days it's easier to do than others. thankful for friends like you to hold me up on the days that i can't see past the "discouraging timelines" ! XO!! praying for your family in this wait... praying for God to move in big ways!