Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life Song for Orphans: Church Adoption Funds

This months Life Song for Orphan's topic instantly sparked my interest. Since moving back to Ohio I've been helping my friend Mari with our church's Orphan and Adoption Ministry.  Our Foster and Adoption support group (Westside Family Connections) is ready with a full schedule for fall, Orphan Sunday is coming and a community of adoption and foster care is growing.  What I'd love next is for our church to start an adoption fund.  It's easy, free and can help families adopting overcome one of the scariest parts of starting the adoption process - the seemingly insurmountable cost of adoption.

Read on to see what a blessing a church adoption fund can be and how your church (or ours) can start an adoption fund.

Life Song for Orphan's Monthly Update:
church 100Adoption Funds: Helping the church financially support couples as they bring home children into their forever families through adoption.

MEETING THE NEEDS - Adoption Funds

win win win 100
We see Adoption Funds as a "Win-Win-Win" solution: the local church is actively involved on behalf of orphans, the financial roadblock for families is removed, the orphan child is adopted into a permanent Christian family...all with minimal administrative burden for the church.

Using the adoption matching grant and interest-free loan processes already established by Lifesong, churches can easily navigate through the details of adoption funding....all with no cost to the church.

Church Fund Children

ALWAYS WITH YOU - Adoption Fund Story Cameron and Sarah experienced the love of their church family through their adoption journey. His Kids Our Homes Adoption Fund, at North County Christ the King Church have blessed this family and others as children are brought into forever families. Listen in on their journey...

mouse copySee how your church can benefit from establishing an Adoption Fund by visiting our website.

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