Monday, September 16, 2013

Good bye, Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs were set to leave the zoo this past weekend so the cooler weather called us to the zoo to say good bye.  I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to the next time we head to the zoo and I have to explain to Gabe that they're not there.  Nevertheless, we had one more time to see the dinosaurs.  

While we saw the flamingos, elephants, lions, giraffes and koala's, Gabe was most interested in the prehistoric creatures. 

Giving the baby dino a smooch
After the dinosaurs we headed over to ride the train through the Australian outback where we saw beautiful flowers (not indigenous to Australia) and a mama kangaroo with her joey sticking out of her pouch.

Sweet, beautiful boy.

Gabe preferred to walk throughout most of the zoo asking "hold mommy's hand?" whenever he wanted to get out of the buggy.  Holding mommy's hand didn't work in the dinosaur exhibit though because Gabe was so excited he just wanted to go, go, go!  But that is saved for a later date... 

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