Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adoption Fundraisers

We emailed this out to friends and family last night and I thought I'd post it here as well :)

As most of you know by now, we are moving to Houston Texas. And if you didn't know, Matt received a job offer from a company in Houston. And while it pains us to have to move away; after many prayerful conversations we know that this is where God wants us to be.

Moving to Houston will have very little, to no effect on bringing our baby home. We'll have to have a new home study safety audit done and perhaps fill out a few papers again, but other than that, we'll continue on status-quo.

One thing that will change is our summer adoption fundraiser. Depending on when Gabe and I join Matt in Houston, we may still have our garage sale fundraiser. We will not however be having a dinner and silent auction like we were planning. I am corresponding with a friend about having an online auction sometime later this year, but that will take a lot more time to prepare then we have available right now.

But we still have two on-going fundraisers that you can participate in at any time!

We have a Just Love Coffee fundraiser going on here. I hear the coffee is great (but don't ask me, we don't even have a coffee pot!) and it's a great cause. Not only are we receiving a percentage from every purchase ($5 a bag), you are also participating in a fair trade transaction. Fair trade purchases ensure each worker receives a living wage.

Our other fundraiser is the Ordinary Hero. Ordinary Hero Foundation was started by an adoptive mother who when traveling to Ethiopia to pick up her son was changed by the vast expanse of poverty, orphans and need. This past winter, after her foundation was firmly in place, Kelly Putty began an affiliate program for families to raise money for their own families adoption. Through Ordinary Hero, we receive 40% of the proceeds from each purchase made at the Ordinary Hero store. Not interested in t-shirts or hats, Ordinary Hero also has product donations you can buy for children in Africa. Things like shoes, raincoats and even sheep (yes, sheep) will be given to children in Ethiopia. And we receive credit as well.

From now until Sunday, Ordinary Hero has a grant give-away going on. $1000 are up for grabs to the top 3 sellers from now until Sunday. And we want that money!!! To top it all off, because our account has such little money in it, they've offered an additional $250 grant to a family that has not raised a lot but raises the most money by Sunday. And we'd love to win that too :) Plus, Ordinary Hero also has some clearance items for sale! Super handy tote bags, a zip-up hoodie and t-shirts are all on clearance for an unbelievable price!

Thank you for your continued support of our adoption, and our family! And if you're ever looking for a warm place to vacation; think of us in Houston.

God Bless,

**I forgot to put 2 things in the email: to forward this to anyone that you'd like and when checking out at the Ordinary Hero store, choose Meredith LaGorga as the affiliate so we get the credit from you purchase!

Lots of love, and a real update is coming soon!

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