Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midnight Musings

I am not a night owl by any means. And I'm truly not a morning person either.... so the fact that I'm up wide awake after the men in my life are fast asleep is crazy. Coupled with the fact that my lovely may wake me at 5:00am with a phone call to come over and watch the Royal wedding makes me being awake absolutely insane.

Yes, if Sondra calls because she has no power I will be one of those crazy Americans up watching the Will and Kate wed. If she doesn't call, I'll sleep blissfully until Matt's alarm wakes me up and then I'll doze until Gabe wakes up.

Next week the weather man is forecasting snow for northeastern Ohio. Now I know it won't stick, but snow in May!!! C'mon, that's just nuts. What seems even more nuts than snow in November, is the fact that Matt, Gabe and I will be flying to Houston to house shop! And in Houston, it's in the 80's.

And no, I have not yet adjusted to the fact that we will soon be taking up residency in Texas. But I am working on it. I'm working on my feelings about Houston and a blog post in regards to Houston. God is definitely working on me, but the work is yet to be finished. But is God's work ever finished on someone? I don't think so.

If you tried to buy something from Ordinary Hero today there have been a few problems with their check out process. Never fear, the people there are working it out and it should be up and running soon... or right now!

Good news is that we have a renter for our house. Said renter will also be staying at our house while we visit Houston. I like that our house home won't be empty when we're gone. I like even more that we know (and love) the person (or people) renting our home. It makes it a little easier to leave the memories housed here.

Memories like bringing Gabriel home from the hospital and having absolutely no clue what to do with a newborn [SMILE], Gabe's first Thanksgiving here, Gabe's first Christmas, lots more Gabe firsts', family dinners, life group memories, friends visiting, etc. We'll carry these memories in our hearts, but the walls of our home will hold them forever as well.

Speaking of memories, I'm working on making a lot of those before we leave. Every spare second will be spent with our family, friends that our like family and friends creating memories. Memories like coloring on the couch with my 5 year old nephew at 8:30 at night, shopping at Crocker with my mom or walking through our neighborhood stopping to see friends along the way.

Gabe spent the night at my parents house on Tuesday night. It was the first time in over 20 months that Matt and I could have slept through the night. I didn't; I kept waking up expecting to hear Gabe. And waking up without seeing Gabe's smile is definitely not as beautiful as waking up with his smiling face. Gabe did great though, which is the big thing. He didn't do so great last night though. Whether it be his confusion from his night away or the horrible winds; I'm not sure.

I do know that our horrible winds were nothing compared to those in the south. Our thoughts and prayers have been with those in Alabama who's lives were affected and forever changed by the severe weather there.

Grateful, oh so grateful for my many blessings....

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