Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Madness Winners!

No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostirls. - Henry Ward Beecher

Jason, from Just Love Coffee, contacted me Tuesday to confirm our March Madness win! We won 4 bags of coffee and a coffee mug.

As previously stated one bag of coffee will be going to Gabe's therapy office... whenever we make it back there :) For the other 3 bags and coffee mug I used to determine the winners.

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2011-04-07 16:22:34

The first 3 numbers will receive a 13oz bag of coffee, while the fourth number will receive the coffee cup. The winners of the free bag of coffee are Carrie, Becky, and Christy. The winner of the coffee cup is Sondra.

Coffee winners expect an email shortly to see what type of coffee you'd prefer.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of our journey to our baby home. Hope you enjoy your Just Love Coffee winnings, ladies!

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