Monday, April 18, 2011


No, we absolutely did NOT get a doggie, no matter how cute it sounds when Gabe says it.

And believe me, it's absolutely adorable. Just like when he says "hi, bye, daddy, bookie, blankie, wee (for swing), please, monkey, yes, papo, bubble, pop (for popping the bubble not the beverage), milk" and a few more words that I can't remember at the moment.

After therapy Gabe made it all the way home before he fell asleep. I think Gabe realized that cuddling with his doggy is much more comfortable then car seat sleeping. Although, I do have to agree with him on the point that sleeping in the car is very nice. When Matt's driving, obviously [smile].

We could not love this little boy any more... this 20 month old holds our hearts in his hands and we marvel at God's goodness at choosing us for his parents. Happy 20 month birthday, Gabriel! We love you!

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