Monday, April 4, 2011


Today marks the first day of Gabe's new 3 week therapy regime. Gabe will go to Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) Monday through Friday from 9am - 12pm until Good Friday. CIMT uses a system of casting a patients good side (Gabe's right) and doing intensive therapy on the child's bad (Gabe's left) side.

Gabe did great today. It was pretty much an overview of the program and then casting Gabe's right arm. Miss Jessie, Gabe's new therapist for this adventure, made two casts for Gabe, one to always have ready after swim days. Yes, water therapy will be part of Gabe's sessions three times a week.

Gabe hated the casting of course but left with a pretty cast on his right arm. Until we made it home, I set Gabe on the floor to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Upon coming back into the living room I see Gabe sitting on the floor, red cast in hand looking oh-so proud of himself. Contrary to his self-satisfaction, I had to put it back on. And he was definitely not happy about that! I managed to wrangle him down and slip it on... only for it to come off again! Another disastrous 5 minutes of trying to get it on, it stayed on for a while and came off again.

Ack! The pattern continued! Right now it's on! And hopefully it'll stay on for a few hours.... Today also marks the day that are home study was APPROVED! Woot, woot!

Home study approval brings us a few steps closer to bring our little one home. Once we receive an official copy in the mail, we can apply for our UCIS appointment to get fingerprinted (one last time!) and await our letter of favorable determination.

All in all, a good day in our household. Albeit stressful for me and Gabe with the crazy cast business but good all the same.

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Alison said...

YAY!! So glad ya'll are having a good day and that your homestudy is approved!!!