Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lots of Stuff

Do you know Adeye? If you do, then I'm sure you've been blessed by her sweet spirit like me, but if you don't, then you are missing out! Right now Adeye has a HUGE (and yes the bold faced italics are necessary) fundraiser/giveaway going on until tomorrow! (Yes, I'm a little behind on blogging... but this is important so please keep reading.)

Imagine yourself half a world away living in an orphanage. Every day people come and take children away, take them to a place called home. And more than anything that's your wish... to have a Mom and Dad, a family... a home. But you keep getting passed by, and years go by and now you're no longer the cute little baby or toddler most people want but a young boy. A boy who knows that your days at the baby home are numbered and soon you'll be unadoptable. You'll be transferred to a mental institution where you will spend the rest of your life. The rest of you life alone, without a family, without hope.

That's the fate that awaits sweet Vanya. He has a dream for a family, for a home, for hope. And Adeye has made it her mission to help him find his way home. And families have shown interest in him and now we just need to pray that the Lord directs the right family to him. And quickly, as Vanya's days are truly numbered. Besides prayers for Vanya, you can help in a more tangible way.

As I've said adopting is expensive. It's a disturbing, disgusting but necessary fact that capable people feel unqualified to adopt because of the expense. The ransom.

Vanya needs a family now and to help his family get him home as quick as possible without worrying about the financial hurdles (and believe me, there are lots of financial hurdles when adopting) Adeye started a giveaway to provide relief. Click here, donate any amount and be entered to win one of many gifts. Any amount you can give would be appreciated and such a blessing.

**Even if the paypal says it's reached 100%, you can continue to donate as Adeye picked $15,000 for the goal, the actual adoption will be more**

Speaking of blessings, remember when I posted about the changes Ethiopia was integrating into their international adoption policies? And I mentioned that we I wondered if God had actually called us to adopt from Ethiopia or did human desire do that. Well shortly after that I typed that out we received an email from AGCI. An email about an anonymous donation to us made directly to AGCI. Not only was the donation a fabulous blessing for our adoption fund but also a wonderful confirmation of God's will for our lives.

And while we will never be able to thank you personally, we want to say thank you. We are grateful and humbled by your donation. Thank you for your support in bringing our little one home.

Speaking of fundraisers....

  • We'll be having a garage sale June 24 & 25. If you live in the area and have anything you'd like to donate, we'll take it! The only stuff we don't want is clothes. We didn't sell much of that last year, and it was so hard to organize that my OCD was in over drive and I went a bit crazy trying to organize it [smile]. And even though I said we'd never have another garage sale; it was a good fundraiser, helped us live a little more minimalistic and spread the word of adoption.

  • We're also trying to plan a fundraiser dinner/silent auction. If you have any suggestions (i.e. locations, how to solicit for donations) please feel free to share them.

  • Lastly, Ordinary Hero has $1,000 of grant money to give out this weekend. The top 3 sellers from yesterday morning to Sunday night will get there share of the pot. So if you've been planning on buying a t-shirt, now's the time! These shirts are a great way to raise awareness for orphans and they're comfy. Matt and I love ours! So does Gabe! Not only do we get 40% of the proceeds; the remaining proceeds go to projects Ordinary Hero supports! So buy now (if you'd like!), Mother's Day is coming, stock up for Christmas.... you get the picture!

Earlier this week I was contacted by someone with an awesome opportunity. I am super excited about it and although Matt and I haven't really had the chance to really talk about it.... it's one of those times where I could just feel God's work at hand. It is going to be amazing... if everything falls into place. More on that later, I'm sure.

And a few more pictures of Gabe at therapy. Miss Jessie used the net swing as a distraction to cheer him up (he was a bit grumpy yesterday) and then worked him on his belly to encourage him to weight-bare and move on his left arm.