Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm estimating that our hotel room is a little less than 300 square feet. Intellectually I know we have more than enough space to live but it's just not an environment we're accustomed too. Besides the limited space Gabe doesn't have very many toys. We packed a handful and have bought a few new ones but the toys don't always keep Gabe's attention.

What does keep Gabe busy while living in a hotel?

Since his parents only have cell phones, Gabe's been enthralled with the room phone. He'll sit and chat for a long time; I'm not sure who's on the other end but Gabe has a lot to say to them! The phone's unplugged in case you're curious.

When the hotel phone, books and toys all fail to keep Gabe busy, there's always the shower! Oh, did I forget to mention that our hotel room doesn't have a bathtub. Yeah, that was a great surprise! You know what I mean by great, right?

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