Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Lately I've felt a little bit like Dorthy when she lands in Munchkin land. Often I find myself thinking "we're not in Ohio anymore." Texas is just different than Ohio; it's not bad, it's not good... just different. The amazement Dorthy has on her face as the movie turns to color and she looks around, well sometimes I feel like I have that same look on my face as I drive around Texas.

I'm just grateful that the Lollipop Guild hasn't started singing; those little munchkins, while I think that they're cute now, they scared me to pieces when I was younger [smile].

But our visit back to Ohio also made me feel a little bit like Dorthy as well. I felt like slipping on ruby red slippers, clicking my heels and repeating "there's no place like home." Before we flew back to Ohio I thought Ohio was home. I was wrong. Texas isn't really home either. I've found that home is where ever the one I love rests his head.

While my faith tells me the earth is not my home, and I know that my true home is in heaven, on this side of heaven, I will find home where ever I find Matt.

Because Houston is where we find ourselves, Houston is where we'll be making our memories. Sunday we went to our first Astro's game! After being a Cleveland Indians fan were the highs were high and the lows were really low, the Astro's well.... they're a bit like the Indians on a really bad day. Alas, we made good memories anyways:

Gabe was almost as excited as his Daddy when he found out it was Dollar Dog day!

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