Friday, June 3, 2011

Where We've Been

We've been in Texas... and Ohio!

Yep, you read that right, Gabe and I have already returned to Ohio for a visit. Not because we don't like Texas, but because we had the perfect opportunity to come visit. On Matt's first day of work, he learned that he would have to go out of town the following week, for the whole week.

I was so bummed. We're not in our house yet and staying in a hotel for a week by ourselves just didn't seem like fun. Actually, it seemed like a horrible idea. Matt knew I was bummed; I already missed Ohio and now I was going to have to miss him too... so he surprised us with a plane ticket home!

Since we've been back to Ohio we have been all over the place. We've watched Gabe's 4 cousins play baseball, we've visited with family and friends and not only do we have a baby shower and soccer games to attend this weekend, today we have the privilege of attending the preschool graduation of Gabe's bestest buddy and our youngest nephew, Sam. Considering I've been to both Ethan and Jacob's preschool graduations it seems fitting we're here for Sam's. Even more fitting because Gabe truly believes that his cousin Sam was put here on earth to play with him!

It's been great to be back (even though we weren't gone that long) and from Ohio we're making doctors appointments for Gabe in Houston so that we don't have to be away from therapy too long and working with our home study agency in San Antonio so that we can keep pressing forward with bringing our little one home.

While I hate that moving to Texas has slowed things down with bringing our baby home (i.e we would have our dossier turned in by this point and now we're restarting it), God has a reason for the slow down. Maybe it's because our baby hasn't been born yet or is still with his birth family. Whatever the reasons are that are causing the delay in bringing our baby home, we know God is in control.

Speaking of bringing our baby home, there are two sweet little babies (or sweet little boys) waiting to come home. They have a family that loves them and a medical community waiting to help them.... it's just their family needs a little help in raising their ransom to bring them home. So, if you'd like to help to very special little boys find the arms of their family click here or here or here to read their story and donate. Yes, their are a lot of different families joining together to share the story of Carson and John because they have a desperate need to get home. While God doesn't call everyone to add to their family through adoption, he has called everyone to help the orphans.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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