Monday, June 20, 2011


Father's Day was a little bit unconventional yesterday.

We attempted to go to church. After doing internet research we left with an address to program into our TomTom. The TomTom however didn't register the address. We knew the street the church was on and we knew the street it was off of, so how hard could it be? Much more difficult than anticipated was the resounding answer. After driving for what seemed like an hour, we finally gave up, stopped for a Shipley donut and then continued looking. We found the church we were looking for but it was already an hour into service and an hour and a half since we left the hotel. Here we thought we had a 15 minute drive and plenty of time to get settled - ha! Boy, were we wrong!

After church we had an ill-concieved plan to walk around the outlet mall. Outdoor outlet mall + mid-afternoon Houston heat + church clothes = unhappy, hot walkers. Quickly we decided to head home, Gabe took a nap and then we played some in the hotel room. Matt and Gabe raced up and down the hallway (our neighbors love us, I'm sure), we went out to a late dinner and came back to eat some cookie cake.

Not the normal summer cookout family and friend Father's Day we were used to, but a day to celebrate the dads in our life all the same.

Matt's father's day cookie cake, bought at the store instead of home made this year.

my two favorite guys

Hallway races :)

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