Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roast Master, Decisions and More Swimming

Today, Wednesday June 15, Just Love Coffee is offering a Roast Master Special. Today, and today ONLY, if you buy 3 bags of coffee they'll give you a bag of Jason's favorite for free. If any ground coffee is ordered, your free bag will be ground. If not, it will be whole bean. So that's 4 for the price of 3 and all proceeds go towards our adoption fund. (adoption update coming soon)

We've had a lot of decisions to make lately; which agency to update our home study, doctors and hospitals for Gabe, housing situations, what to eat (which seems like a harder decision to make than big decisions sometimes). And then take all of our decisions added to the fact that LeBron was in the NBA finals and I've thought a lot about decisions.

Matt and I were never really Cavs fans but I'll admit we were captivated by all the press last summer and headed over to my parents to watch "The Decision". The South Beach result didn't bother me as much as every ones reactions. Yes, it stunk to have our best player leave in such a crude way, but as much as basketball is just a game (it is just a game, my friends), it's just as much entertainment.

With that ESPN special; Clevelanders and NBA fans everywhere went the wrong way. I didn't like his decision but for me life moved on. And while I readily admit I was glad Miami lost and 'King' James didn't get his ring... for me it's just a game, just entertainment. But I couldn't help but wonder how we (and by we, I mean society as a whole) became so enamored with one person.

Was it that he was the best young player ever? Or the fact that ESPN stationed themselves at his high school basketball games? Was it the title of King he had?

Tonight as Matt flicked through the channels, ESPN was again talking about LeBron. And I was done. He is just a single person. Yes, he's great at basketball, but truly what does that matter in the grand scheme of things.

Does he know God? Will his basketball trophies get him into Heaven? Besides making millions and inspiring (and un-inspiring) young athletes, is he making a difference in the world?

I don't know the answers to these questions, and while I hope everyone knows God as their personal Savior, the answers to these questions aren't as important as what these questions mean. The fact that we care more about a basketball player and every minuscule facet of his life than we care about our faith in God, our job as Christians and humans to care for one another blows me away.

Yes, LeBron James made a decision that changed Cleveland basketball, demeaned the sport and spirits of Clevelanders and fans everywhere but we all make decisions. Our decisions may not be made public and aren't scrutinized by millions, but they are still important: to you, your family and even people across the world.

Each day you make decisions that may not only change your life, but the lives of others. The decisions Matt and I make regarding our time, money and energy effect not only us, but Gabriel, our future children and in many regards how we will follow our faith and impact the world around us. Have you ever asked yourself how your decisions impact others? I never consciously thought about it until recently, and now I can't stop thinking about it.

On a lighter note.... (please don't mind the abrupt change of subject)

The visit to Ohio did nothing to quell Gabe's love for swimming. We've gone swimming every day that we've been back and Gabe never seems to tire of it. Gabe loves to sit on the edge of the pool and push off into my arms. I imagine his legs and arms (including lefty) are getting stronger for all that paddling and kicking. This week our aim is to get to Target and pick up a toddler approved life vest/floating device to give Gabe some more Independence in the water and mine and Matt's arms a little bit of a break.

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