Friday, June 17, 2011


Yesterday Gabe had his first pediatricians appointment in Houston. Actually, since he saw a family practitioner in Ohio, it was his first pediatrician appointment EVER!

Gabe's appointment wasn't for the usual reason your child sees their doctor; for a well child check-up or due to illness. This doctors visit was for two reasons. One, to get plugged into a pediatricians office in case we need them. And, two, to get all those referrals Gabe needs to continue regular monitoring and of course, therapy.

We left with a referral to see a neurologist, an opthamologist, a physiatrist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist. That is 6 referrals. Six initial appointments/evaluations we need to set up. And I left out his dermatologist. I actually forgot to ask for one, but now that I'm thinking about it, 7 referrals would have just been way too many!

The Texas Children's Pediatrics Association and the Texas Children's Hospital Cy-Fair Therapy offices are right next door to one another. Because it was not that hot today (98), we figured we'd go to the wrong building first and then walk to the one we were supposed to be. Not exactly fun considering the 30lbs of love I carry with me!

Walking into the therapy office with their uncomfortable looking chairs and super bright lights, made me miss CCCR-West all that much more. Gabe and I have looked at pictures of his therapists since we've been gone and we work daily on stretches, standing, weight-baring and using lefty, etc. But it wasn't until walking into a new therapy office did I realize how much we miss them. Their kind yet firm ways with Gabe, their encouragement and ideas for ways to help Gabe and just their love for their profession and the children they help.

I don't think we realized just how blessed we were until I walked into a therapy office where everyone didn't know Gabe's name. Here's to finding Gabe therapists that are half as good as the ones we left behind.

Gabe at therapy at CCCR-West:

and yes, I'm fairly certain I want to do that too :)

And Gabe with his therapists:

Ms Danielle (OT)

And Ms. KC


Mari Bryant- Marks said...

I'm loving the updates. Keep them coming!

Miss Danielle said...

Miss you guys! It won't take long before everyone there knows Gabe's name too! He's of course the cutest kid in any town!