Friday, August 19, 2011

The Party Weekend

Last weekend was the party weekend at my parents house. On Saturday my lovely Sondra and I threw a very lovely baby shower for our lovely Megan (yes, I used the word lovely 3 times in 1 sentences, it just fits!). Complete with a baked potato bar, the most delicious cupcakes ever eaten and punch, it was a perfect celebration in the upcoming arrival of one of God's littlest miracles. There was lots of present opening, womanly chatting, zero game playing and catching up with friends. This is the only picture I have as I was hosting, filling food, delivering presents, cleaning up, etc. Isn't the mama-to-be just glowing!

And then on Sunday the partying continued. Gabe's 2nd birthday party was also at my parents house (they were so great with opening their house to let me have to parties there on one weekend!). The house was filled with Grandma's and Grandpa's, aunts and uncles, cousins and a few more 'family' members. It was much smaller, less hectic but just as fun as Gabe's beach party last year. I'm learning that more often than not, less is more. And contrary to pictorial evidence, Matt was able to be in Ohio for Gabe's birthday party. His work required him to be in Youngstown Ohio the friday before so he extended his weekend (and saved his company money on airfare cause he's such a fabulous employee) and was at Gabe's party. With Matt being there for our babe's birthday party, nothing could have made it anything but perfect.

A Thomas the Train birthday cake

Yummy Cupcakes
Opening gifts; well Gabe actually only opened the first gift from his Great Grandparents Donna and Al. They went with his all time favorite veggie tales and once Gabe saw that he was done opening presents. We tried to take it away and open other things but his cries for Larry won out. And his cousins were able to open his presents which is always fun for them.

Gabe and his favorite gift: Veggie Tales Nativity Set

Cake time!! We were even able to sing to Gabe this year and there were no tears. He is growing up [smile]

And of course there were party hats!

And then all 4 of Gabe's cousins spent the night! And wore their party hats when Gabe found the stash and started gleefully yelling "hats, hats!" Those 4 sure love Gabe more than most cousins love a little boy and he loves them too! A lot!

I think this was Gabe's first "sleep over" with all of his cousins although he didn't actually sleep in the room with them. We'll save that for a later date!

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