Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today we celebrated Gabe's birthday with a blueberry waffle breakfast, a swim at the pool, dinner at Olive Garden and Sonic before bed! It was a wonderful day filled with lots of Happy Birthday Gabe singing (even the servers from Olive Garden sang to our boy!), smiles and love.

blueberry waffle, strawberries, milk and a Harry Potter birthday balloon.

Before the pool! For obvious safety reasons I didn't take any pictures of us in the pool.

Italian is one of Gabe's favorite foods - Olive Garden for dinner it is! It was way too hot to cook in Texas today :)

Unfortunately thousands of miles away there weren't any blueberry waffles, balloons or love. There was just a 10 pound 11 year old (yes, you read that right) who desperately needs a chance. A chance at love, a chance with a family and a chance to be all that God intends her to be.

Please click here, read about Liliana and then see if you can help. Can't help? Pray! Pray for her safety, pray for her life and pray that her future family rescues her before it's too late. Be prepared; the pictures of a 10 pound 11 year old our disturbingly sad...

All because of a down syndrome diagnosis her life was deemed to be unworthy of medical care, food and love. And all because of the Internet, we may be able to help raise her ransom and get her home.

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Carrie said...

You're right; I did forget something borrowed! Seriously totally forgot it...
I actually love canning...I can give you lots of tips if you ever need them. I am taking off work early today to can peaches...yummo
Saw this on No greater joy mom, and it just makes my heart hurt.