Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portland or Bust

After spending a ridiculous amount of time in FedEx today our dossier is on it's way to Portland. Friday's are paperwork days for AGCI and since next day delivery wouldn't get it there until Friday after 5 and cost $65.00 we figured our money would be best spent on a slower delivery arriving in Portland on Monday.

Because paperwork days are on Friday we're expecting to hear from AGCI late next Friday on our status. Would you join us in praying that all of our paperwork is correct and we can be officially added to the wait list on August 12? I double, triple and quadruple checked everything, so we'll see.

After waiting so patiently at FedEx I decided to take Gabe to the park to do his favorite activity - swing! It was still pretty early so the temperature was hovering just below 100 degrees, so I figured it's now or never. Gabe became excited the second we left the car and grew anxious as we walked across the grass. However, before putting Gabe in the swing I touched the seat first like usual to make sure it wasn't too hot. And it was way too hot! Poor Gabe was the saddest little boy in Houston as I carried him back to the car.

Gabe is such a good boy; an amazingly good listener for being 23 months old and sweet as pie so I had to make it up to him.

We made it home, the tears stopped and we went out back, filled up his little pool for the first time and he had a blast!

I think he forgot about the swing let down after this [smile].


Steve & Megan said...

Look at that babe! He's adorable scooting around in the water. :-) And yes to the paperwork/waitlist prayers!

Denise said...

Will be on my knees after post. You'll need to keep cooler with cold water for the swings in your suv. LOL Tell Gabe he'll have lots of swing time at nonnie and papos soon.

Alison said...

So excited for ya'll to get on the waitlist! Will be praying that next Friday is the day!!!

Carrie said...

Hey There! I noticed the other day you were just a little bit ahead of us in the process; that would be so cool if we were able to travel together! I will pray for your dossier approval. Hope things are going well for you in Texas!