Sunday, August 7, 2011


PT or no PT, Gabe keeps progressing in his gross motor skills. Pulling up to standing, climbing up on the couch, kneeling... these are all things that Gabe wasn't able to do in May and has progressed to in the the past months. Even without regular therapy visits he continues to work hard and do things that we once wondered if were ever possible. And while we're anxious to start PT and would rather not have missed so many weeks, we're thrilled he continues to do well.

Check out the kneeling, 4 point position and well, the just plain cuteness that is Gabriel.

On the scheduling therapy side of things Gabe did have his physical therapy evaluation last week so it's looking optimistic that we'll be starting in a week or two. And he'll be going twice weekly through the rest of this year since he has visits available. Gabe's occupational therapy evaluation is in a few weeks.


Becky said...

Wow, great progress Gabers! And it looks like he's using Lefty too! You and Matt are such wonderful parents and I know how hard you both work to make sure that he has everything he needs to succeed. Miss you all!

Steve & Megan said...

Look at that 4-Point!! He's such a hard working, happy, happy boy!