Monday, August 15, 2011

Right Quick!

  • We received the call on Friday; the one I anticipated saying we were on the wait list. Unbelievably, or actually quite believably after all the hiccups we've had so far, a few things need to be fixed; 2 minor wordage choices and 2 things effected by the move that we didn't know needed to be changed. I'm beginning to feel like this process will never be over.

  • Gabe and I had a BIG surprise this weekend when Matt showed up at my parents house in Ohio!!! We (or just me) were bummed he'd miss Gabe's 2nd birthday party this weekend and it just so happened that Matt needed to be in Youngstown for work on Friday so he was able to stay the weekend and celebrate with us! What a surprise for us though!

  • Texas Children's Hospital Neurology department finally got back to us after nearly 2 months of me harassing phoning them. Gabe's neurology appointment is August 19th and I'm just praying this neurologist is as caring and informed about schizencephaly as his old one.

  • No pictures today, but lots to share when we get home!

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Carrie said...

Ahh little hiccups are always so disappointing...hope things turn around quickly. We are waiting for our finger print appointments; cannot wait to be on the list finally too!