Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Days til Scentsy

Have you heard about Scentsy?  I had heard little snippets about their wickless candles but not too much about them until my friend Sarah became a consultant.

And now Sarah has offered to hold a Scentsy Open House with all her commission going towards our adoption.  How generous is that?  It helps that Sarah and her husband have a heart for the orphan and plan on adopting in the future. 

Because we are here in Texas while most of our family and friends our in Ohio, my mom has graciously agreed to open her house on January 21st to host the Scentsy party with Sarah. 

On January, 21st (or a few days before) I will post a link here (and on facebook) to our Scentsy adoption fundraiser on Sarah's website.  That way if you live to far away or are just busy on Saturday but still want to check out Scentsy products, you can! 

Speaking for myself, I am interested in a plug-in for our half bathroom.  We store Gabe's dirty diapers in there in a wet bag and sometimes when you unzip the wet bag - watch out!  Currently we use a diffuser but as Gabe has entered the climbing stage of toddler hood, I'm thinking we may have to stop using it soon.  I also think a bright smelling (is there even such a thing as a bright smell?) candle would be nice for the playroom. 

So anyways, that's the Scents scoop!  If you're interested, please check it out! 

And Sarah,
    From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your support and generosity through this whole adoption process.  XO

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