Monday, January 16, 2012


Before Gabe, Matt and I were blessed, immensely blessed to be the aunt and uncle of these four guys: Jacob, Ethan, Samuel and Caleb.

These are 4 of the awesomest (yes spell check, awesomest!) boys I know. They are kind, funny, smart and an absolute joy be around.  Jacob is so smart, insightful beyond his years and one heck of a gamer.  Ethan has such a gentle spirit, resonates sweetness and has some mad soccer foot skills.  Samuel is funny, spunky, joyful and just the life of a party.  Caleb is nearly grown; a super busy, smart, fabulous baseball player who still makes time to play with his younger cousins, sit and talk with his aunt (me) and has a soul that just screams goodness.

Spending time with these boys prepared us for Gabe; they taught us to love a little deeper, stay up a little later and enjoy the chaos all little boys seem to create. Honestly, I wasn't sure I would be able to love Gabe any more than I love these four. My SIL said I would, that it'd be different. And it is. But I love these boys with a fierceness and a thankfulness that they're in my life.
If I didn't think I could love them more before Gabe was born, boy was I wrong.  I guess my love for anyone grows stronger when they love my Gabe.  And these boys, they LOVE Gabe.  Despite their age differences they play with Gabe, dote on him, share with him and spend countless hours making him laugh. 

Gabe loves his cousins like crazy.  He asks for them daily and always wants to see them on Facetime.  Caleb (pronounced 'Club', Ethan, Jacob (pronounced 'Cub) and Sammy were some of Gabe's first words.  And he's so smitten with Sammy that he calls him "my Sammy." 

Gabe is so blessed to have such wonderful cousins.  We are blessed to have such wonderful nephews.  And Matt, Gabe and I... we miss them like crazy.

And just like Gabe waits, his cousins wait as well... for a new baby or two.  A new cousin to love, to make laugh and to join this crazy crew of boys.

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