Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Minutes

5 minutes.   That's how long we were at the Houston Rockets game before the noise and chaos became a little too much for Gabriel.  Actually, we were there for about an hour because we over estimated the Houston traffic and travel was quicker than anticipated. 

It was a little disappointing that we couldn't stay longer but the tickets and parking were free so nothing was truly lost.  And, we did get out for a little while! 

The exciting thing about the evening; for Gabe's first NBA game he sat in floor seats inches away from the announcers and mere feet away from the basketball players. 
And a few pictures from the evening
So the announcers desk is about 4 feet off the ground but at
6'9" Mr. Scola had no problem putting his foot up there [smile].

Gabe was so close to the announcer.  People kept asking this
gentleman for his photograph but we had no clue who he was.

How close we were to the announcers on the court!

Security :)

And of course, a family photograph


Mari Bryant- Marks said...

How fun!!!

Steve & Megan said...

Awwwww....I *Love* this picture of you guys!