Saturday, January 7, 2012


Can you believe that we were in Ohio for 13 days and besides a light (very light) dusting of snow on December 29th there was not enough snow to actually play in until hours before we left?  I was desperate for snow and the opportunity for Gabriel to play in the snow for the first time.  Alas, we'll have to wait until next year unless there is a wildly insane weather shift and we end up with inches of snow here in Houston.  Not likely. 

While part of me was glad to be able to leave the snow in Ohio, I was not happy about the other things we had to leave behind. Things like...

story time with Nonny,

wearing matching pajama's and being silly during a sleepover with cousins

trips to Dave & Busters with 4 of our favorite boys,

playing dime and penny games of poker with family and friends,

spur of the moment visits with Auntie Sondra (this is Gabe's 'smug' look)...

afternoon naps on Papo's lap,
and playing Wheel of Fortune on the Gabe's Doodle pad with Ethan and Sam.
While Texas is now where we call home, there are some things that we left behind in Ohio that no matter how good Houston becomes, Ohio will always win with.  Family, friends and the priceless moments spent with the ones we love will always win out.  Always.


Dardi said...

That must be tough, but I have found that when you don't get to see people you care about every day, you are much more intentional during the times you do have together! Looks like that's just what you did!!

Still no snow...we were outside playing yesterday with light coats, for goodness sake! My guess is come April, we'll probably see more than we care to. lol

Steve & Megan said...

Can I just tell you the second I left your house I was devastated that we didn't get any pictures!!!! Eli was so upset about it he cried.