Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve

For the first time in years, Matt and I went out on New Years Eve.  We are quite the party animals (not hardly)so even during our New Years Eve's before we were parents were usually spent with us sitting at home and sleeping soundly shortly after (or sometimes before) Dick Clark counted down the ball drop!

But New Years Eve 2011 we went out.  We had the opportunity to get dressed up, dance to a live band and stay out all night.  We also had the privileged of watching Matt's cousin Mac get married.  The wedding was phenomenal... watching two people who are so obviously love be united in marriage in front of family, friends and God is just pure joy!  Being able to celebrate their love with the one I love makes it just a tad bit sweeter.  And the wedding itself was spectacular... every aspect was beautiful, every little detail thought out perfectly.  It was such a lovely event and we had such a wonderful time.  

But I'll be completely honest when I say I may have been slightly neurotic about checking on Gabe back at home with my parents but other than that we were footloose and fancy free!  

To top off a night of good food, dancing and spending time with family (plus my elementary music teacher who happened to be sitting at our table - weird, I know), I had the most uninterrupted sleep in years.  It's no secret that Gabe is not a good sleeper (not his fault, that schizencephaly strikes again) albeit one moment of waking up in panic because I couldn't hear Gabe's monitor, I slept like the proverbial rock.

Because we rarely have the opportunity to take pictures together or be dressed up, I set the camera on the television, turned on the timer and voila!  Pictures of our night out!

Going out two times in a little over a week, helped us lose a
little bit of the awkwardness in the Christmas Carol picture.   

 We had so much fun that I'm thinking Matt and I need to do this going-out-alone thing more often!


Anonymous said...

What a stunning couple you are!!!!

Steve & Megan said...

Yay pretty dress!