Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not quite a silver lining.

Update:  Welcome readers from Kelly's Korner SULF.  Thank you for coming over!  Click here for the beginning of our story, click here for how we found out about Gabriel, and now we're in the process of adopting from Ethiopia.  We have the Scentsy fundraiser below and then 3 fundraisers on my side bars: Ordinary Hero (click Meredith LaGorga as your affiliate), Just Love Coffee (must click from our blog) and 147 Million Orphans (must click from blog). Thanks again for checking us out and follow along as we wait to bring home our newest little one or two.  XOXO 

The scentsy fundraiser that was mentioned here is up and running. Click here and choose LaGorga Adoption Fundraiser.    I was doing some more perusing last night and found a few more cute things.
Scentsy Buddy
Scentsy Circle (perfect for your car or gym bag)
Full Size Warmer
And that not-quite-a-silver-lining.... while we wait we can use that time to save more money and fundraise for the remaining adoption fees.  Not a really good silver lining but since everything else is ready (our hearts, our home, our longing arms) and I'm really trying to find something good in the wait, this is it. 

Again, thank you so much for your support and please, spread the word of our Scensty fundraiser!  You are appreciated.

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