Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Visiting the splash pad is back to being part of our almost-everyday routine.  While Gabe hasn't been as excited about it as he was last year, he is slowly warming up to it and enjoying sitting by the sprays getting splashed in the sun.  


Sherri said...

I found your blog through the MWOP site. I am a grandma to a five year old adopted from Ethiopia when she was almost two. My daughter and son in law were waiting for Natnael, almost two. They met him in jan. left ET and got word four days later that he had died at the Care Center. We were so so sad, but God has a plan we are now waiting for a little girl, almost one named Solianna. She should be coming home later this summer. If you want to read about any of the journey from a grandma, go to my blog. I have lots of miscellaneous stuff up since I am on a photo a day challenge with some blogging friends, but if you go back some you can read the whole story of Tizita's homecoming, Natnael's death, and Solianna's meeting. God bless you journey. his plan is perfect.

Sherri said...

This is my blog.