Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Sunday Miracle

Today you may have heard a chorus of hallelujahs. 
Today, May 6 2012, Gabe went into Sunday School by himself and stayed the whole time.  He a wasn't ready to leave his friends when we came to get him.

Today, Matt and I sat together in service sans Gabe for the first time since we moved to Houston and one of only a handful of times in the past 32 1/2 months.  If you know Gabriel, you know what a magnificent occasion this is.  Matt and I were (are) so proud of him. 

Other things of note... Gabe can recognize all of the letters of the alphabet, can count to 10 easily and counts to 27 with a few little hiccups.  He recognizes some numbers, most colors and answered 27 out of 30 of his flashcards correct at speech on Thursday. 

What happened to my little boy, I ask you!  

Speaking of little boys, my sweet nephews are growing up. Too fast if you ask me. My 1st nephew, my buy, Caleb will be 15 tomorrow! And on Friday, my third oldest or second youngest nephew, turns 8. I just don't know where the time has gone. But it has been amazing to watch these 2 (and the other 2 of course) grow up and one turn into such a gentle hearted, smart, video game wizard 8 year old and a baseball playing, smart, super sweet one-year-away-from-driving teenager. I am so blessed to be their aunt.

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Anonymous said...

Go Gabe! How exciting! So independent! Such a strong little man! I am soooo proud of him!