Monday, May 27, 2013

The Noonday Collection

Have you heard about Noonday Collection?  Yes.  Good, then you know just how lovely their items are and how AWESOME the movement behind the items is.  Empowering women by providing them with an opportunity to have positive employment, feed their families and to live a life of hope is what Noonday Collection is all about. 
The beautiful bracelet in the picture above is one of their jewelry pieces and it is gorgeous!  For Mother's Day we bought my mom this necklace:
and now I want one too!!!  It is even prettier in person.

They have household items:

and lots of lovely accessories

And in my head I am now singing "these are a few of my favorite things"  [Smile].
But seriously, there are some awesome things there.  And from now until June 8th my lovely friend Lauren is fundraising through them. 

Why is she fundraising?  Adoption of course!  Lauren and her sweet family (husband, 2 daughters - 1 from ET) are adopting three brothers from Ukraine! 
So shop at Noonday, help a woman in Uganda care for herself and her family and help a family in the US bring their sons home! 
Here's how you do it: Click here and go browse Noonday's awesome online merchandise.  Add items to your cart!  And then checkout.  At checkout you MUST click Noonday Ambassador Debra Rice from the yellow bar at the top.  And then after filling out all of your information at the bottom there is a section that says Ambassadors Only.  In that section type: Lauren Huss Adoption
And there you go, easy-peasy!  Buy cool stuff, help women far and family near.  Just don't forget to click Debra Rice in the yellow bar at the top and type in Lauren Huss Adoption in the Ambassador's Only section. 

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