Thursday, May 9, 2013


The weather yesterday was beautiful.  It was a perfect day to go to the park and see Gramma!  The second we pulled in behind her Gabe yelled "Gramma" and was beyond excited.  His excitement grew exponentially when he saw Gramma brought her dog, Posey.
Posey grew more than Gabe did in the past few months since we first met her, but after a few minutes Gabe was in heaven.  He was so sweet to her and did a much-better-than-expected job at being gentle.  But the second best part of the day (the first best seeing Gramma), was how he would hug Posey.  Every few minutes he'd look at Gramma and say "hug Posey" and then he'd slowly and gently go in with a sweet hug. 

Hugs for Gramma...
 and hugs for Posey...

Obviously, this boy needs a dog.  Perhaps one day his parents will be ready for one too.

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Stephanie said...

The boy needs a dog!!!! Matt, let the child have a dog. A lot of places that have dog rescue groups will tell you if the dogs are good with children!!!! hint hint.

I'm on your side Gabe!