Monday, May 20, 2013

Beach Day

Waking up today one could not help but notice how beautiful it was outside.  Barely seven o'clock and the air temperature was already 75.  After getting a call saying Gabe's physical therapy was cancelled and a short text to Matt, we were off to the beach. 

Gabe was looking super cute in his new swim shorts and sun hat. 

A beach near our house is handicapped accessible - score!  We were able to pull up right next to the sand, load up buggy and head to the water.  The sand was hot and the water was cold.  Way to cold for my liking but I was a good sport and sat next to him while he splashed, through sand and pointed excitedly at every boat and bird we saw. 

It was simply a perfect afternoon. 


Then the storms rolled in, we hurried back to our car and watched as the sky darkened and the rain began to fall.  I could have sat there all afternoon just watching the rain but Gabe, well he was ready to go "drive on the street" as he likes to say. 

Today's beach visit was definitely needed.  Lately my heart has been heavy; friends and family members are going through some hard things and their has been a lot of upheaval and pain in my circle of adoption mamas.  Some days life feels like it is moving at what feels like break-neck speed and other times I can't believe it's still the same date. 

Today; sitting on the sand while the waves hit my feet and Gabe's laughter beside me I couldn't help but feel peaceful.  Peace and thankfulness and awe; awe that the God who created this beautiful lake in front of me with the sun shining down, the birds swooping around and little fish swimming by cares enough for me and all my worries.  Cares enough that, despite the raging heartaches and hardships going on around me, He gives me peace. 

Yes, it was a perfect day at the beach.

Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.
-1 Peter 5:7

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