Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 Weeks, 1 day

I'm still in a state of disbelief that in about 3 weeks we're going to be parents! It's unbelievable, too good to be true but then again, we do serve an awesome God and there is only one way to describe this - AWESOME!

I'm not sure where to start... maybe, the beginning would work best.

Yesterday Matt (or Aaron as he's known to MCB and our adoption world) and I had a birth mother interview scheduled for 2:00. We didn't tell many people (sorry Mom) for a few reasons: 1.) it was so difficult going back to everyone that we'd told about our previous birth mother meeting that we weren't chosen and going through all the details over and over and over again and 2.) we (or I) was just so nervous that I tried not to think about it and if we told people, then I'd have to think about it more. I'm sure I would have been less nervous going in if I would have told people and knew that lots of people out there were praying for us and thinking about us as we met but, I didn't think about that at the time.

So our meeting was with our birth mother, we'll call her Miss B from here on out, her mother and the birth father. Miss B is the birth mother from this post here and well, if I'm honest, she's just a delightful young woman with more courage than I could possibly imagine. For many reasons Miss B and the birth father, Mr. C, are not able to be parents at this time. They had chosen an agency, only to be later told that their agency didn't deal with "special needs babies." I can't imagine the stress that would cause - to make such a selfless decision and then be turned away. Eventually Miss B's Mom found MCB and she looked through lifebooks, MCB spoke with her clients and Matt and I were blessed to be asked to meet with her.

After an intial phone conference with our lawyer and trying to get a hold of doctors and then finally talking to them, we finally met Miss B! To describe the meeting in one word would be unbelievable. We hit it off right away, if you were listening outside the door you would've thought it was a conversation between friends not a meeting between a birth mother and potential parents. There was serious conversation, light conversation, laughter and even a few tears. But through all of it, we were comfortable. That alone speaks volumes. And I think that was the ticket... we were comfortable, they were comfortable. Our Christian, "go green" values meshed with theirs.

After ending our meetings, Matt and I went to a seperate office to "discuss it" but the second we were alone we exchanged a look and I told MCB "we're in," she went back to Miss B, Mr. C and Miss B's mom and then came and got us... and standing all together Miss B told us she would love for us to be the parents of her baby. Yes, tears were in our eyes, and tears are in my eyes now - it's not every day your dreams come true! After a round of hugs and thank yous, we all went our seperate ways.

It's not over, we know Miss B has 72 hours to change her mind after the baby is born. We firmly believe that she won't change her mind but if she does, just like everything else on this journey, we'll cling close to each other and God and know He will carry us through.

Next week we'll meet to set up our schedule as in who will call who, who can come to the hospital, and all those other details... and until then we'll get ready. We'll finish the nursery, get car seats, burp cloths, cloth diapers and all those fun little must-have baby items...narrow down our name selection :)

More often than not, I come here and ask for prayers and today is not any different. In the coming weeks will you please pray for Miss B and our baby. Please pray for a safe delivery for Miss B and peace in her heart with this decison. No doubt this will be an immensely difficult time for her, would you please pray for her to feel God's comfort. Please pray for the health of our baby; there are some complications but we are praying for a miracle. God is a God of miracles and while we trust the doctors diagnosis, our God is BIGGER than a diagnosis. Please pray for Matt and I; that we remain calm and don't get too anxious, that we become closer to eachother and God as we prepare our lives and hearts for this very special little one.

More posts to come on our baby, his diagnosis and our miraculous God.

Love & Blessings, Meredith


Becky said...

I hardly know what to say...but our whole family is rejoicing for you in this blessed time!

We will be praying for all of your intentions.

And this is completely unsolicited advice...but try to fit some time in to go out for a couple of dates in the next 3 weeks! Your life is SO about to change, in the most wonderful of ways.

Love and hugs to you, friend!


The Gayden's said...

Oh, I am so so so happy for you! You will be in my prayers!

FYI...my blog is moving due to security reasons. If you email me at Katcdh@yahoo.com, I will give you the new blog address so you can continue to follow. Sorry for the trouble but got to keep the kids safe :)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Meredith,

As I sat here reading part of your story, my eyes filled with tears!

You are such an amazing young lady! I am praying with you regarding this wonderful little man that will be entering your lives soon. Wow!!!!How exciting!!!!
I will be watching for news, and pictures!

Blessings to you and your honey!!


Shelley Fleming :)