Thursday, January 27, 2011

Covered in Hope

I have a slight addiction; it's neither bad, harmful to my health or hurtful to others. On the contrary, it's good for the environment, good for our checkbook, good for Gabe and super cute! Yes, my friends, I'm talking about cloth diapers.

I always imagined I'd use cloth but I never imagined I'd be so passionate about it. On my other blog I did a few posts about cloth diapers. Read it here, here and here. And I'm working on update #4 where I talk about love of pocket diapers and Rockin' Green detergent! (And don't worry if you didn't know I had another blog; it's a compilation from myself and 3 other friends on trying to live more green. It's been dormant for a while but we're working on rectifying that fact!)

Anyways, the reasons I love cloth are numerous but the cuteness, re usability (not just daily for Gabe but for his brother or sister) and the savings in my checkbook are my top three.

And while I realize the numerous benefits of cloth diapering and have even converted some of my friends, I never gave a thought to the idea that our next baby would be already using cloth diapers before coming home. In came Kristi and Covered in Hope. Her son Wes' adoption agency put out an email requesting cloth diapers for the orphanages and transition homes. Kristi posted on her blog and started Covered in Hope.

For obvious reasons, Pampers, Huggies and 7th Generation disposable diapers aren't readily available in Ethiopia and children there use cloth diapers. But even cloth diapers wear out and recently, on her December trip to Ethiopia Kristi blogged about seeing little ones with bare bottoms, with bodily fluids running down their legs or onto their clothes. And like many things, that just broke my heart to think of these little ones going without diapers.
Then I looked at our current diaper stash and knew we could help out too.

By sending some of Gabe's cloth diapers (and not even ones we use; but ones that we never used that I bought off of ebay and are too feminine or ones that are too tight for his chunky legs) we can help cover the bottoms of little ones half a world away. And ensure that they'll stay a little bit healthy by not being covered in urine or fecal matter.
While we don't have any of the orphanages favorites (Indian or Chinese prefolds) we can still donate what we can and help make a difference. Want to help too? Click here to get more information.
And a little bit of Gabe-cuteness in one of his FuzzyBunz! Yes, many cloth diapers do have super cute names (fuzzybunz, bumgenius, thirstie's, Happy Heinies).

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