Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2 (and an upside)

Today we said goodbye to the blue cast and hello to a red one! Gabe's OT wanted to check his skin under the cast so we endured the cast saw, swapped out the blue cast, Ms Danielle gave Gabe's arm a good cleaning and then on went the red cast. Here's to a bright red cast, a fresh clean arm and another week of progress for lefty!
After an early lunch at home, Gabe and I headed downtown for his 6 week follow-up from his eye surgery. After a short wait and a few quick checks by two interns, Dr. R came in and was incredibly happy by the way his eye looks. Although there is still a little swelling, he's not concerned. With Gabriel's young age his blood vessels are super close in his tiny face, so the residual swelling is not a big deal and will resolve itself in time. And just like after his 1 week follow-up Dr. R took Gabriel around to his associates to show off how successful his eye surgery was. It does seem that Gabe's doctors are just as enamored with him as us!

Gabe and his smug look!

Happy Gabe (his sticker says I had my eyes checked!)

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