Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The letter T

Today, Tuesday, is brought to you by the letter T!

Gabe is learning his ABC's and I can't tell you the utter cuteness in the air when Gabe repeats after Matt all the letters of the alphabet.

To coincide with T and Tuesday, we bring you Gabe's tent. For his birthday Gabe received gift cards from his Uncle Matt and Uncle Bucko and their families to Toy R Us and this past Saturday we finally took Gabe shopping! He bought a super cute little chair and a tent with a tunnel.

And Gabe loves it! He loves to crawl through the tunnel and sit in the tent, he loves when his Daddy crawls through the tunnel or he and I read books together in the tent. And the stinker that is Gabe takes to hiding in it when he hears that it's nap time! Smart little stinker!

Number two of Tuesday's trip on letter T is Thankfulness!

Our auction went fantastic. We feel so blessed by all the wonderful bids and the wonderful donations. In listing the auction items we were able to thank some of the contributors when we provided the links to their items.

But there were many other items that were made or donated by people that didn't have a store front to link too, so now is our time to thank you.

Denise, Sondra, Megan, Nicole, Carol, Patti, Lisa, Kathy and Jessie... without your generosity this auction would not have been nearly as successful. Thank you doesn't seem enough when you're helping us bring our little love home but as inadequate as it seems, it comes from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

And those are our T's for Tuesday!

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