Monday, November 21, 2011

My Little Drummer Boy

It's hard to always have to explain why Gabe's in therapy, why he doesn't walk when he looks like such a normal kid typically developing child.

But here's the deal as perfect as Gabe looks, he's not. Well according to us, our family and God's plan Gabriel is perfect but to the medical world and nosy people at the store, he's different.

Different is good but a lot of people don't get different. Last week I went out to lunch with a mom who gets different. She understands it. And embraces it. Celebrating things like the first time in a high chair even though you're a toddler or using sitting in a prone position are not lost on her.

I love being able to celebrate milestones with Gabriel. And not just the usual milestones; rolling, sitting, walking, climbing... but ALL of the milestones!

And today, we celebrated the drumming. And not just drumming, but drumming with both hands.

To the world it may not be much but too us, it is a cause for celebration!

With his wicked drumming skills, his fabulous ability at shaking his golden locks... I'm definitely thinking Gabe is a rock star in the making!

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Christy said...

Wow, that kid is just beautiful. You go, Gabe.