Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This blog hiatus was completely unintentional.

But a little necessary.

Last Tuesday my parents came into town for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in itself was very quiet; Matt and I usually host Thanksgiving for both sides of our family. And this year there was just 5 of us. It was small, quiet and very different to what we were used too. But different seems to be the norm for things in Texas so we went with it!

After an early dinner, we headed downtown to the Uptown Houston Christmas lighting. It was a crisp afternoon; the air just a little bit of a brr to it and was a resemblance of Ohio.

We didn't stay long though, because Gabe was feeling a little under the weather.

For the rest of the weekend we perused at a few different malls, ate Thanksgiving leftovers and watched Gabe play with his Nonny and Papo.

While Nonny and Papo kept Gabe busy, I could have blogged but I didn't. Obviously. The last time my parents were here I hid behind the computer so that Gabe could have more time with just his grandparents. But this time, I just wanted to soak it all up.

Moving 1300 miles away from home changes things; like wanting to take in every possible moment of Gabe playing with his Nonny and Papo.

My mom and dad left Sunday. You know, the day 4.3 million people traveled through Houston International Airport. Haha!

And then Sunday I came down with the mother of all migraines.... Matt took off Monday, Gabe and I managed through yesterday and today, well we had too much to do to let a little headache slow us down!

And today is the last day of Adoption Awareness Month and I have yet to finish a post or two about my feelings on adoption. Stay tuned!

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Steve & Megan said...

You Thanksgiving sounds like what mine always are. We max out at 9 people, but often only make it to about 7. I love it. Such low-key time, you definitely get to soak up more one-on-one time. :-)