Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raggedy Ann Doll and Book

Handmade Raggedy Ann doll and Raggedy Ann hardcover book:

Description: Hardcover copy of "How Raggedy Ann Got Her Candy Heart" (value $13.95)
Handmade 15 inch Raggedy Ann Doll with handmade removable clothing. (value $30)The doll is handmade, with a handmade dress and apron. The yarn hair is custom made for the doll (not a sewn in wig). The face is embroidered by hand, as well as the "i love you" heart on Raggedy Ann's chest.

Minimum Bid: $20.00

To Bid: leave a comment with your name, email address and the amount of your bid. Remember, bids should increase by $1.00 increments.



Donna Kay said...

Donna Kay

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had bid $26.00, but I believe that I did not get my bid in in time. It seemed like the aution closed as I was submitting my bid. Is there a possibility if getting another set exactally like this one? I like the quality of the dolls construction and this is the book I want. My e-mail is:billandlmhall@att.net I hope to hear from you. This is to be a gift for a very special little girl.