Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pray Down the Number

147 Million Orphans is an organization founded by two adoptive mother's that wanted to make a difference in the lives of orphans and helping those that are called to adopt.

On October 30 Gwen announced their campaign to Pray Down the Number at 147 pm that launched November 1st. Each day and every day, they are encouraging people to pray for orphans at 1:47pm. Gwen explains beautifully on her blog the reasons behind this but the main point is to pray for the orphan, for the fatherless each and every day at 147.

The orphan crisis is not going away and it is up to us to do something about it. So would you join them? Us? And pray for the orphans; pray that they find a family, have someone to love them and someone to give them hope.

Anyone and everyone can do this. Together, we can pray down the number.

Not only did 147 Million Orphans launch their pray down the number initiative this month, they started an affiliate program with their 147 Million Orphan apparel and merchandise. We, of course, signed right up. And now for everything you buy from 147 Million Orphans we get 30% commission.

Their affiliate program is slightly different than the Ordinary Hero affiliate program (and yes, we are still fundraising through them as well) wherein at OH you choose our name from a drop down box when check out but from 147 Million Orphans you must click on their site from the badge on our blog. A special little code is embedded in that link and that is how we'll get credit from purchases.

They have some awesome magazine bracelet and necklaces, really cute t-shirts and Katie Davis' new book... all of which would make great Christmas presents!

Thank you, Gwen and Suzanne for helping adoptive families raise money to bring their children home and thank you for helping pray down the number!

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