Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas day was just as spectacular as Christmas eve; lots of family and food, love and laughter.  Gabe was so not into presents this year or into listening to the story of Jesus' birth read from the Bible.  The magical Christmas morning of reading from the Bible and Gabe excitedly unwrapping presents did not happen like I had imagined.  Alas, I think that that is just life with a toddler.  And I will certainly take it! 

Gabe was so not interested in opening a single present but he did play with his new Veggie tale ball!  And once his cousins came, a whole day of chasing after the big boys was all he wanted.  Especially Sammy, or "my Sammy" as he calls him.
Gabe on Christmas morning!

There is a Veggie Tales ball in the bag -
the only thing Gabe was interested in all morning!

Gabe spent the majority of Christmas chasing after Sammy.
Gabriel believes that Sammy is alive to be his playmate and nothing else!
Gabe had zero interest in opening present but thoroughly
enjoyed Uncle Matt reading him a new Veggie Tales book.

A little bit of unwrapping chaos

Obligatory cousins photo in front of the tree!

You would think that the older they get the easier
the picture taking would become.  Wrong!

Of course for the 'fun' picture, every one looked.
After a day of filled with yummy food, lovely family and lots of fun, we traveled across town to Matt's grandparents house for more family fun!

And every good family function ends with some wrestling!
This time Uncle Chris was Gabe's victim.

It was a very busy, very blessed Christmas.  And hopefully, maybe... there will be an additional little one next Christmas (wishing and hoping!) 

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Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to spend time with you guys last week! Thank you so much! I love you guys! Give Gabe kisses for me! And of corse squeeze those legs of his for me. :-) Stephanie