Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Giving

I'm going to sound off sounding Scroog-ish but bear with me, I have a point.

Besides being extremely excited over Kelly's Closet black Friday sales, I'm pretty much over the whole shopping season. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts. Picking out the perfect present and seeing the receiver like it provides me with such happiness. Gift giving is definitely my love language.

So if I love gift giving why am I over the whole shopping thing? Because we have too much stuff! Our house is full of stuff, Gabe has more toys than he could ever possibly need at this developmental stage in his life yet every single time we turn on the television, walk into a store or get the mail we are bombarded with advertisements for things that we need. Need? Really? Yes, that's what the retail industry wants me (and you!) to believe. That each year we need the newest, best and coolest thing they can offer.

Now don't get me wrong, I was stoked by the sweater dress I got on sale this weekend. My old one was too big and in my opinion nothing says winter like a sweater dress and boots. But that's not my point. Sure there are things we need (clothes, food) but to perpetrate the fact that to be happy this Christmas you need to gift, or be gifted expensive gifts is just wrong. And really, if you give your 5 year old and iPad what in the world are you going to gift him with when he's 10, 14 or a young adult?

Giving and receiving gifts is not a bad thing, it just shouldn't be the only thing we are consumed with during Christmas time.

This year, because gift-giving is definitely my love language the ones I love will be given thoughtful or heartfelt gifts. And each person will be given a gift that gives back. A gift that helps bring a friends child home from an orphanage overseas, stops human trafficking, feeds the poor and malnourished, shares the Gospel with people who don't know Jesus. A gift that matters.

Because while there's definitely gifts I'd love to give and receive, that is not the meaning of Christmas. Jesus is. Loving and serving like Jesus did is. What happened in the manger, at the cross and the years in between... that's what matters.

So for the 12 Days of Giving, I'll be sharing a charity or organization that I love that will provide you the opportunity to give a gift that gives back.

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