Saturday, April 21, 2012

12 Hours to go

Just 12 hours remain in the Ordinary Hero grant contest and have I mentioned lately that we want to win?

Need a gift for a friends birthday? Ordinary Hero has some super cute t-shirts!

A baby or adoption shower present?

A tumbler for your summer drinks?

Don't need anything but still want to help us and them?  Ordinary Hero has awesome product donations for children and families in Africa.  Feed 40 children (or more) when you purchase a sheep or buy a backpack to help a school aged child go to school. 

They also have an awesome donation combo where you can bless a child in Ethiopia or Uganda with two raincoats, shoes and a warm blanket. The rainy season in Africa is long and hard (even the government shuts down for about 6 weeks) and this package would be invaluable to a child living on the streets. There are actually 5 teams of Ordinary Hero's going this summer and they will be delivering the items bought to those in need. 

Just don't forget to choose us from the affiliate drop down box when you check out or else we won't get the credit.  And you know we want to win the grant contest! Hehe!!  But really, truly, thank you for your support.

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