Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A secret... and grant time...

Can I tell you a secret? 

My least favorite part of adopting is fundraising.  It is essential to almost every one's adoption success because adopting is an expensive process. Well worth eat very penny but expensive.  As God calls us to adopt, we will continue to say yes and we know that God will provide the money we need to bring our children home.  Whether the money comes through savings, fundraising, an increase of pay or cutting back, we know we are following where the Lord leads and that we will have what we need, when we need it to bring our little one(s) home. 

Fundraising is one of the hardest things for me to do.  It is humbling, albeit a little embarrassing to come before family, friends and strangers and ask them to join us in raising money for our adoption fund.  I know, I know... people like to help, it's a way everyone can be involved in helping orphans, etc.  I've heard it all and I love to participate in other's adoption fundraisers... I just don't like doing it.  I'm pretty sure that it's just pride standing in the way, I like to be able to do everything by myself... I blame it on my parents for raising an independent child [smile]. 

Because I dislike fundraising (read - asking people for money) so intensely is why I am grateful for organizations like Ordinary Hero.  They provide great and quality products through their store and allow families like ours to earn a commission.  And if you don't want a t-shirt, cup, jewelry or any of their other items or just like philanthropy giving, Ordinary Hero has product donations that you can buy and give a child a raincoat, a Bible or even a sheep to eat.

Ordinary Hero is pretty amazing in my opinion.  Adding to their amazingness is the fact they give-away even more money through grant contests.  And this week Ordinary Hero is hosting another one!  Just like last August when we participated, we have the opportunity to win $500 along with a 40% commission for all sales.  Amazing, don't you think? 

So click our badge to the left, shop and when you check out choose us from the drop down box and easy-peasy we get the commission and not only do you get some pretty cool products, you help us bring our next little one home. 

We are grateful.  I'm being humbled. As the traditional African proverb says "It takes a village to raise a child" and it takes a village to help get them home as well.
Some of the products I really like this time around:
Yellow I'm going to change the world t-shirt.
Perfect for the little one in your life... and I'm
fairly certain you'll see Gabe in it soon.

Rag Dolls!  Boys or girls.  And it's a get one, give one project - love it!

A new super cute tank for women. 
Perfect for summer...or now in Houston!
One of many product donation options. 
The rainy season starts in August and a
raincoat for a street child is invaluable.
Grant contest runs through Saturday at midnight.

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