Friday, April 20, 2012

Shoes & links!

From everyone who has been given much,
much will be demanded;
and from the one who has been entrusted with much,
much more will be asked.
- Luke 12:48

This verse continues to be placed on my heart as I send out emails, facebook messages and facebook posts about the Ordinary Hero grant contest.  I'm not entirely sure why it continues to come to mind but as often as it does, I felt like maybe I should share it.  Maybe it's because I do have much... much more than I could ever possibly need. Clothes, food, piles and piles of things.  Last winter, I took over 20 pairs of sandals to the Salvation Army (obviously this was before we knew we would move to Houston) and then there are children who don't have any shoes and can't go to school, can't receive an education and have the hope of a brighter future.  Two of my favorite organizations provide shoes for children, TOMS and Ordinary Hero.  Yes, neither of these organizations are going to eradicate poverty by giving shoes away to children in need, but they are making a difference and are actively part of the change we need in this world. 

Buy TOMS and join the One for One Movement of click here and buy aqua shoes for children in Ethiopia who go barefoot because they don't even one pair of shoes. 

The Ordinary Hero grant contest continues through Saturday night and we would be so blessed if you stop by their store and check it out.  If you find something you like don't forget to pick our name as an affiliate and if you'd be so inclined, share our information with your friends.


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