Saturday, April 14, 2012


When you're 14 years old your life is supposed to be about school and church, extra-curricular activities and family outings, spending time with friends and figuring yourself out.  At least that's what my life was like when I was 14; my days were filled with school and youth group, baton practice and soccer games, dinners with my family and sleep overs with my friends.  My life was filled with love and laughter; knowing I was safe and that my family would to' take care of me.

However, we know that's not the case for all 14.  We see the news and read the papers and know the world is not a safe place for all 14 year olds.  There are times we meet 14 year olds we can reach out and help, other times we are given the opportunity to help the ones reaching out to help those in need.  This is one of those opportunities. 

Meet "Faith"  Faith is a 14 pound 14 year old. Yes, you read that correctly.  Sweet Faith is in an orphanage in Plevin, Bularia.  An orphanage with atrocious conditions, conditions we in the United States would be outraged to see animals live in, let alone little ones created in His image.  Read here for more information on Faith's orphanage and see why she needs to be rescued now!  The even more amazing part, she has a family that found her and loves her.  Anthony and Adeye love Faith with every fiber of their being and can't wait to have her home with theme.  Because of Faith's medical condition getting her home soon and home safely is of utmost importance. 

And that's where we come in.  Given the circumstances Faith needs to come home much sooner than the Salem's can raise the funds.  But this little love needs to come home to her family; where she will be loved, cherished and given proper medical care and nutrition. 

Any amount helps, and any amount over the funds needed to bring Faith home will go to provide for the other little ones left behind.  Together, we can be the church.  Click here and scroll to the bottom to "chip-in" and help "free faith."

Thanks friends!

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