Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kemah Island

While my parent's were in town visiting we took them to Kemah Island.  Matt, Gabe and I had never been there before so it was an adventure for all of us!  While it was a little on the warm side (high 80's - low 90's), the breeze from the Gulf was perfect.
We walked around the boardwalk a couple of times, watched boats go out and laugh at the little ducklings riding the waves.  Gabe loves trains and was so excited to see one zipping around the park.  Since we passed on the boat ride, we figured a train ride for the little man would be perfect.  While waiting in line for tickets, the train broke!  Drats!
So, instead of riding the train we went to find lunch.  Gabe (and I) ate at Joe's for the first time and we found that Gabe has an affinity for seafood; crab-stuffed mushrooms, mahi-mahi and popcorn shrimp were his favorites!  The food was delicious and it was lovely sitting on the deck, although I was very thankful for the netting that was up because those seagulls were creeping me out!
A pirate ship!

What are you boys pointing towards?


Eating at Joe's!

Nonny, Gabe and Papo
Before leaving we checked back to see if the train was working... and it was!  Gabe was thrilled to go on the train with his Daddy!

We had so much fun.  And I'm sure another visit is in our future; perhaps it will be filled with a boat ride, funnel cakes and probably another train ride! 

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Melissa said...

Hi! Been following your blog for awhile now and I just love how y'all are embracing your move to Texas! It really is a great state! ;) you'll have to check out Galveston this summer...even better in off season. We live in north Texas but go to Galveston a few times a year.
Praying for your family!!