Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Before my parents came to visit us in Houston over Easter, we spent the last two weeks of March in Ohio. Even Matt was able to come for the weekend since he was traveling to Michigan for work.  It was great to be back in Ohio as a family, even if it were just for the weekend.  And after Matt left our days were spent visiting with family, play dates with friends and sleepovers with cousins. 

Gabe and his Nonny are tight.  Like Gabe cries when she doesn't sit next to him in the car type of tight.  And I love it!  Gabe also was able to spend time with his great Grandma Thomas and Gramma A.  There's nothing like the hug of a grandma to let you know just how much you are loved. 

Gabe and Nonny at the soccer complex.

Gabe and his great Grandma!

Gabe playing peek-a-boo with Gramma at the book store. 

Another benefit of being in Ohio is all of the time Gabe gets to spend with his cousins.  The smile on Gabe's face is like looking at the sun when he sees his cousin.  Gabe doesn't even acknowledge that they are older than him, they are his favorite playmates and he just loves to spend time with them.  I'm fairly certain Gabe thinks they to make him happy... and I'm just grateful that they love him enough to indulge him. 
A cousin is a ready-made friend for life.

Then there were the playdates.  Lots and lots of playdates!  The zoo, parks, friends houses... we bee-bopped all over the place visiting friends.  And Gabriel was in heaven.  His friends  N and W are only a few months older than Gabe and he just adores them both.  He loves watching them run around and they don't even notice that Gabe knee walks to keep up with him.  Their rambunctious and sweet, ornery and adorable... they play without abandon and pick-up right where they left off from the last time they were together.  To be young again.  C and L are a year or so younger than Gabe.  Gabe was full of love for Chase; they played at the playground, laughed at each other and gave each other a lot of love.  L and Gabe spent most of their time together in strollers and while they shared balloons and smiles, Gabe kept referring to L as a baby... it was pretty sweet.  I can't wait to get Gabe back together with his buddies. 
"A friend is, as it were, a second self."- Cicero
Visiting Ohio, spending treasured time with family and friends... it makes my soul well.

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