Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to the Apple Festival

I grew up going to the Apple Festival and as luck would have it, Gabe is too. 

Gabe at the 29th Annual Apple Festival... just 5 weeks old.

His second visit was talked about here

Last year we were already living in Houston but were on vacation in Daytona Beach.  Even if we still lived in Ohio we would have missed the 31st Annual Apple Festival.   But this year, we made it!

Gabe's mood was a little livelier on Saturday afternoon so we figured a nice walk would do him good.  And good it was.

We hadn't been to a fair since the Rodeo and Live Stock show so we enjoyed our fair share of fair foods!  Gabe had chicken fingers, Matt had a cheese steak and I had a cheese sizzle.  We shared a funnel cake and left with a gallon of Grobe's apple cider. 

Besides all the lovely food we enjoyed the brisk fall air and ran into friends we hadn't seen in ages.  To top it all off, we left right before the rain started! 

Here's to hoping we'll be missing the 33rd Annual Apple Festival because of a new little one at home with us!

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