Friday, September 14, 2012

Money Well Spent

The $79.00 spent for our family pass to the Children's Museum of Houston has paid for itself.  Almost twice over.  We've gone at least once per month since January and each visit Gabe has so much fun.  There are some activities he's done every visit like the stained glass flowers and the inclined car track.  Other activities he went from trying to do to accomplishing them; learning how all the different switches work in the house area, manipulating the extra large Light Bright and playing with the Plinko-esque game. 

The Tot Spot is the perfect place for him.  Gabe works both his fine and gross motor skills, he learns different approaches to puzzles and problems.  He makes friends and gains confidence as he accomplishes new things. 

New things like climbing up slides.  Climbing up slides using lefty.  Flushing pretend toilets with lefty.  Pushing cars down the ramp with lefty

At the Children's Museum Gabe uses lefty. 
And I watch proudly.


Come visit us in Houston and we'll take you to the Children's Museum! Promise!

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